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Personalized, signed hardcover copies available exclusively on my website!

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Hardcover & Paperback


Hardcover & Paperback
Kindle & Kindle Unlimited

Coligo Book #1 of the UNITAS Series cover art

Cover art by Tori Mulhern


Book One of The UNITAS Series

In The City, Governor Colin O’Connor and his counterpart, The Supreme, attempt to unify a tense society while competing for power.


While contemplating his next move, Colin is drawn to Dr. Julie Walsh, the inventor of a life-saving antidote. When he offers her his help to bring her discovery before The City's most innovative biotech company, COLI*GO, she can't say no. 


But Julie soon discovers Colin has his own dark secret: he and his accomplice will do anything to protect The City, including murder. Colin never fears getting caught, until Julie's friend, Detective Jones, strings together his latest crimes. With help from a time traveler working for The Supreme, Detective Jones uncovers the truth behind The City's most horrific killings.

Together with time travel and the antidote, The Supreme and Governor O'Connor fight for power in their quests to save The City.

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About Lee S. Hannon

While not a time traveler yet, Lee S. Hannon works in the biotech & pharmaceutical industry, helping launch and sustain novel therapies within rare diseases. She writes fantasy, speculative & science fiction. Thriller, suspense and a little touch of drama and romance are her favorite subplots.

Lee S. Hannon resides in Boston, the city that inspired the world of The UNITAS Series. Her passion for crafting thought-provoking stories with her background in biotech inspired her ideas on time travel through the means of blood and a cutting-edge world desperately wishing it was better than our own (but still falling terribly short).


When not working or writing, Lee S. Hannon can be found at a SoulCycle class, trying a new recipe in her kitchen or adventuring to a new coffee shop. Her favorite place to write & curate ideas is The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. 

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