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The toxin is missing. In the wrong hands, the drug could spark biological warfare across The City. Now, biotech goliath COLI*GO cannot launch its new and improved antidote safely, causing interim CEO, Dr. Peter Schneider, to scramble for answers.

Dangerous time traveler Mick Taylor knows who holds the toxin hostage and believes his rescue mission will reunite him with his estranged friend, Dr. Julie Walsh. But Mick faces a larger issue: He is slowly disintegrating through various dimensions of time.

At The Capitol Building, Commissioner Jones and The Legislature investigate a recent act of terrorism. In order to understand the gravity of the situation, Jones must uncover the truth behind the supposed invincibility of time travelers—and why The City’s infamous serial killer has reemerged.

In a bloodthirsty grab for power, the O’Connor siblings face off in the gubernatorial election—both vying for Dr. Julie Walsh’s public endorsement. Unsure where her allegiance lies, Julie must decide if she honors old bloodline families or will forge her own path.

Across The River at FACERE, newly appointed leader, Dr. Isabella Garcia, forms an uncharacteristic partnership with her sister Anna. With guidance from The Supreme's experiments, Isabella is convinced her new, secret creations are the answer for peace and prosperity in The City. 


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Pre-orders through November 15 of Reviresco include a free phsyical copy of Universus, a UNITAS Series Novella

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