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The UNITAS Series


The UNITAS series follows the journey of diverse characters from various backgrounds facing conflicts within a realistic, dystopian world.


With slight genre influences of speculative, thriller and science fiction, The UNITAS Series explores the moral implications of biotech and time travel within a futuristic, politically corrupt society.


Readers of speculative thrillers, eerily realistic sci-fi and "what if"/"alternate universe" genres will find themselves intrigued by the world of The UNITAS Series and its morally grey characters.

COLIGO is the first book in The UNITAS Series with the sequel,
UNITAS, coming summer 2022. The third installment, REVIRESCO, will be released fall/winter 2022.


Book One of The UNITAS Series

Coligo Book #1 of the UNITAS Series cover art

In The City, Governor Colin O’Connor and his counterpart, The Supreme, attempt to unify a tense society while competing for power.


While contemplating his next move, Colin is drawn to Dr. Julie Walsh, the inventor of a life-saving antidote. When he offers her his help to bring her discovery before The City's most innovative biotech company, COLI*GO, she can't say no. 


But Julie soon discovers Colin has his own dark secret: he and his accomplice will do anything to protect The City, including murder. Colin never fears getting caught, until Julie's friend, Detective Jones, strings together his latest crimes. With help from a time traveler working for The Supreme, Detective Jones uncovers the truth behind The City's most horrific killings.

Together with time travel and the antidote, The Supreme and Governor O'Connor fight for power in their quests to save The City.


Cover art by Tori Mulhern


Book Two of The UNITAS Series

A once peaceful society has turned violent and chaotic. The Legislature and newly appointed Commissioner Jones must decide their next move in regards to Governor Colin O'Connor and his counterpart,
The Supreme - and quickly - before society completely crumbles. 

Across The River at the biotech company COLI*GO, Celine O'Connor is determined to make amends with her brother. She tasks her new CEO, Peter Schneider, to find a missing and presumed dead Dr. Julie Walsh - the inventor of an antidote that could save them all. But Peter soon discovers he isn't the only one looking for Julie as his journey intersects with the dangerous time traveler, Mick Taylor.

Determined to remain hidden until she can figure out a plan to save both The City and Colin, Julie escapes an infinite time loop she created.
One thing stands in her way - a looming uncertainty from the person she needs as an ally: It.

Unitas ingram.jpg

Cover art by Tori Mulhern



Book Three of The UNITAS Series

Reviresco cover.jpg

Cover art by Tori Mulhern

The toxin is missing. In the wrong hands, the drug could spark biological warfare across The City. Now, biotech goliath COLI*GO cannot launch its new and improved antidote safely, causing interim CEO, Dr. Peter Schneider, to scramble for answers. Dangerous time traveler Mick Taylor knows who holds the toxin hostage and believes his rescue mission will reunite him with his estranged friend, Dr. Julie Walsh. But Mick faces a larger issue: He is slowly disintegrating through various dimensions of time.

At The Capitol Building, Commissioner Jones and The Legislature investigate a recent act of terrorism. In order to understand the gravity of the situation, Jones must uncover the truth behind the supposed invincibility of time travelers—and why The City’s infamous serial killer has reemerged. In a bloodthirsty grab for power, the O’Connor siblings face off in the gubernatorial election—both vying for Dr. Julie Walsh’s public endorsement. Unsure where her allegiance lies, Julie must decide if she honors old bloodline families or will forge her own path.

Across The River at FACERE, newly appointed leader, Dr. Isabella Garcia, forms an uncharacteristic partnership with her sister Anna. With guidance from The Supreme's experiments, Isabella is convinced her new, secret creations are the answer for peace and prosperity in The City. 

cognatio front.png


A UNITAS Series Novella


A UNITAS Series Novella

Cover art by Tori Mulhern

The City

Explore The City

In The UNITAS Series, navigating The City is important. Home to old bloodline families, such as The O'Connor's, the vast metropolitan landscape connects various neighborhoods through waterways and transportation systems. A hub of innovation and technology,
The City plays a crucial character within the storyline.

Coligo Map Color RGB High Res.jpg

Map Created By Keir DuBois

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