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The UNITAS Series
by Lee S. Hannon

There can only be one winner in the ruthless game to control The City.

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Praise for the UNITAS Series

 “A provocative, complicated tale twisted into a knotty framework of time paradoxes.”

 —Kirkus Reviews

“Set in a future where humans and androids coexist, Lee S. Hannon balances extensive world building, interesting characters, and an intriguing plot in COLIGO (The UNITAS Series Book 1) to create a science fiction novel that is both absorbing and engaging. A memorable start to an epic and thrilling adventure.”

—Indie Reader

"Book one in the series introduced some fascinating characters in a world filled with old bloodlines, overreaching power, and dangerous secrets. This second novel explores these intense themes and dynamics to a greater degree, adding critical depth while revealing scandalous backstories. Tricky pasts help shape decisions, offering a glimpse behind the tangled curtain of these multifaceted characters. Intellectual and refined, the story subtly highlights how emerging technology and medical advancements may alter our actions and cure our physical ailments, though this progress does nothing to change the greed, hatred and divisions among us.  A nimble work of time-travel fiction that brims with complexity and drama, UNITAS is a contemplative story that examines the depths of human capability in the most entertaining way possible!"

—Indies Today


“With a frenetic pace, a dramatic opening scene and a diverse cast of charismatic characters, it’s difficult to imagine who wouldn’t enjoy this novel. The perfect combination of scintillating mystery,
futuristic science fiction and intriguing political thriller, COLIGO is a compulsive read that will wear your fingernails to the quick.”

—Indies Today

“An ambitious noir-tinged future-city mystery of androids, politics, and biotech. This promising debut, a science-fiction thriller set in ‘The City’ after an android ‘Resurgence’ has upended society,
beguiles from the start with its layered mysteries, both about the state of the world, especially its politics and pharmaceutical companies, as well as a series of murders.”

—Booklife Reviews

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There can only be one winner in the ruthless game to control
The City.


The players include: an intelligent female scientist with a life saving discovery, a detective seeking justice from an uncaught serial killer, an irresponsible time traveler wishing he belonged, a powerful android leader pursuing retribution for her kind, and a governor unsure if he's the good guy or the bad guy. Who will succeed? Or will a mysterious, villainous presence stop them all?